As we wrap up the Super Bowl and realize that football  (both College and Pro’s) is over (I can’t get on board with the USFL just yet), it’s time to look to something else!

I just wrapped a great week of interaction and passing not one but two cert exams, it’s a week that get’s me amped up about what comes next!  

As I turn from football, I’m really excited about the next few months.  I hopefully have some good content coming with Nutanix Clusters on Azure and some other activities in flight.

It’s great to see vendors and customers getting back into on-site events, whether it’s customer meetings, Vendor briefings or conferences in general.

Nutanix .Next is always a great experience both for learning, networking and just having fun, so don’t miss out on registering for this years event – in Chicago!  Use the link below to check out the event, as well as info for registration.  Maybe I’ll get to see you there!

.NEXT 2023
See how easy it is to manage all your clouds like they’re one. Major name customer stories, breakouts, test-drives, certification. Save $700 before Jan. 31.

Football to .Next
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