Posting this more as a note to myself as a reminder and to also read the release notes a bit more carefully!  After recently going thru an upgrade of the Firepower Management Center from 7.0.x to 7.2 FMCv, specifically on the Nutanix AHV platform I ran into a bug where the VM would not boot after the upgrade.  

While the upgrade completed, the VM stalled at boot,  and then finally booted.  However there was no network access and couldn’t log in via console, which was odd.  Thought to myself well here’s a scenario where I’m glad I know I’ve got a backup!

Going back to the Release notes, in the Open Bugs for Version 7.2 I noticed there was a bug listed for this upgrade.


Thankfully, the commands to fix it are fairly common on the AHV platform, as it’s KVM based.  The same commands below also are similar to the deployment of the Citrix ADC’s on the AHV platform.

Fixed by running the below commands:

vm.serial_port_create VMNAME type=kServer index=0
vm.update VMNAME disable_branding=true
vm.update VMNAME extra_flags=”enable_hyperv_clock=False”

So, just posting this as a reminder to myself but also for anybody else who might come across this!

FMCv 7.2 Upgrade on AHV
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