Well, it’s been exactly a year since the last blog post to this site.  Oh, and it’s also taken me a full year to migrate the blog from a self-hosted WordPress site hosted by Amazon Lightsail, over to Ghost.   No, it didn’t take a year to migrate, it just didn’t go as smooth as I wanted – I blame myself.  So let’s catch up, and hopefully more content will be coming!

eGroup in 2021, and Beyond!

2021 was a HUGE year for us at eGroup, with some exciting announcements and changes thanks to an amazing investment from Evolute Capital and the Hunt Technology Group.  This is going to allow us to continue to accelerate our plans of doubling down with Microsoft and Nutanix, as well as our other partners and take eGroup to the next level.

Be on the lookout for some amazing things from eGroup, and continue to follow us at our Events Calendar!

2021 was also a professional growth year for me.  While I’ve led the eGroup Data Center Delivery team for a few years now, in November I also got the opportunity to take over the eGroup Solutions Engineering team, which I’ve worked closely with for years, and in many cases spent much of my time doing pre-sales work.

Now I get to work with 2 amazing teams, fully of stupidly smart and fun to work with people.

Over 2020 and 2021, work kept going, travel kept up, and I’ve gotten to continue to expand with Nutanix and have really enjoyed the solutions and experience customers have gotten with Cohesity.  So what will 2022 hold, let’s see!

Nutanix in 2022

The Nutanix NTC train kept rolling, with an awesome enablement year in 2021, and in 2022 I’m happy to be part of the group again.  Angelo,  who runs the NTC group has coined 2022 to be the year of Mastery, which I find perfect after the few years we’ve had.  

Let’s Master 2022

What does Mastery really mean?  Well by definition:

it’s comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment

I fully expect 2022 to continue it’s crazy pace, but there’s no excuse for us to find a new skill or knowedge that we can add to our personal portfolio.  Is that learning how to cook, running a 50k, or getting back a competitve edge that I feel that’s somehow been lost to me?  I know all 3 are on my list for 2022!

Mastery in 2022

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