It’s been a while since I last published a blog post.  You know, 2020 got in the way big time.   Lots of excuses there for not finding the time to write some content…

While 2020 was an interesting year for all of us, the train didn’t stop rolling here at eGroup.  We continued delivering speed and simplicity with Nutanix to our customers nationwide, and I’m proud to be on the forefront of leading that charge with eGroup.

2020 included a few humbling and awesome awards for me, first off getting the 2020 MVP SE of the Year for the Southeast (Carolinas), as well as making it back to the best Vendor nominated group out there, the Nutanix Technical Champion for the 5th year in a row.


Angelo Luciani who runs the NTC program and Nutanix continue to elevate this program year after year, and the benefits are amazing – an amazing company and amazing peers.  What more can you ask for?  Thank you Angelo for yearly taking your NTC Jacket game to the next level!  This year might be the best yet!

Nutanix + eGroup in 2021

At eGroup, we’re doubling down on our focus and push with Nutanix, starting with today’s webinar series Nutanix at 9 that we’ll be running over the next few weeks on a variety of topics.  It was a blast to get to spend an hour talking with a fellow eGroup Nutanix lover and Nutanix Sales Expert, Dan Drude about why Nutanix for customers.

So stay tuned for more great content coming from eGroup on Nutanix this year!  Just today, some new eGroup+Nutanix schwag arrived, because who doesn’t love schwag!


And finally, giving the folks at Nutanix some more love, yesterday I received this amazing box of Cupcakes.  Talk about delicous!


Thank you Nutanix!  Thank you Chris Beitz!  Thank you Ron Trimble!  Thank you to so many more at Nutanix who’ve I’ve neglected to name!  And thank you eGroup, for giving us the energy, excitement and drive to use our platform to drive the Nutanix platform!




Elevating Nutanix + eGroup in 2021
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