What a week we’ve had, and really I mean Yesterday!

Finally home after a 3rd straight week in NY doing some fun installs for one of our partners. Being home in SC in the summer always feels good. Like being in an oven good.

We started off the morning with the announcement from Nutanix and Cisco that Nutanix now runs on UCS. Read the awesome info here, I can’t tell you how excited I am about this!

Then, Microsoft blows our minds with the release of Powershell for MacOS and Linux. I couldn’t download it fast enough!

On to Friday news…

Well, after completely ignoring the emails earlier this year of needing to reapply for the #vExpert designation that I got in 2015, I thought I missed out on 2016 getting back into the vExpert world.

Thankfully, VMware does an awesome job with the program and has a 2nd half nomination cycle, so I put a reminder to fill out the application, an today I found out that I was allowed back into the club!

Being a vExpert is a pretty cool thing. It’s doesn’t mean I know it all, but it does show validation to what I know about VMware and their products, across a few different domains. Also knowing that the vExpert NSX designation is out there, gives me something to work towards in 2017!

And really, what does being a vExpert give me? Well, it validates my own hard work in my job, and it also shows how awesome an employer eGroup is that for a small company, we got three (3) folks in the group this year with including myself. 2 Smart guys who I love working with on a daily basis: Jirah Cox and Dave Strum.  Check them out and follow their work!

So, a tip of the cap to all the 2nd half 2016 nominees, you can read the VMware blog post here: http://blogs.vmware.com/vmtn/2016/08/vexpert-2016-second-half-announcement.html



Week Wrap-up, vExpert and Home Again…
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