I’ve been trying to get the Horizon View EUC Access Point deployed in my home lab for a while now. No matter how I did it, I could just not get the Access Point to work correctly.

I love the idea of the Access Point, being a simple ‘if it breaks, redeploy it’ method, but it really was making me wonder just how ready this was. Turned out, it was all on me…

The Resolution…

After getting frustrated, trying the vSphere Client, the vSphere Web Client, I found this VMware Community post that gave me exactly what I needed.

Apparently, even after ensuring there wasn’t any hidden characters in my View Connection Server SSL Thumbprint, looking at the file on the Access Point, there was an odd character in the SSL thumbprint.

Removing this character from the file, and rebooting the appliance let everything start up just fine, and I’m able to connect to the portal and thru the Rest API client.

Just keep an eye out for this if you’re deploying the Access Point!

Trick to Horizon View EUC Access Point deployed
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