I’m always having to look up power connectors when quoting equipment or reviewing with a customer, to make sure that PDU’s have the appropriate receptacles. I always feel like the information provided by equipment providers doesn’t match up with what’s on the PDU or what the customer states they have.

On the Packet Pushers blog, I ran across this post by John Kerns that provided great background and detail for those of us that occasionally or directly deal with Data Center power. He also came up with an amazing cheat sheet for power and cooling, with a great visual aide for receptacles and plugs!

This post reminded me of a post a former manager put together, on Data Center Power 101. Kevin is a sharp guy when it comes to the Datacenter and power. Find his blog post here on LinkedIn. Thanks Kevin for the great article!

Of course this isn’t limited to just Datacenter power, but is a great reference for all computer/electronics power.

You can find the link here to the blog post on Packet Pushers, and John Kerns great cheat sheet here.
If you have any other good material on data center power, please let me know!

Thanks for reading!

Data Center Power 101
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